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This blog is about..... DOGS!!

These are ours :

Fergus, passed away recently aged 9. He had a tumour

Abby is a rescue dog who was kept on a puppy farm for breeding purposes. We were told upon adoption that she was 6 or 7 years old, but we think that she is older.
She isn't able to digest her food properly, moults continuously, is constantly hungry, and though we pump vast amounts of food into her, under vet instruction, she is not putting on weight and is severely underweight.
She has low vitamin B12 and is getting injections for this. Blood tests show that this is working but she still doesn't put on weight.
She's on a diet of rice, fish, vegetables, flax seed oil, vegetable oil, probiotics and apple cider vinegar.
She had mammary tumours removed before she came to us.

Cairid, as you can see, is a healthy 6 year old boy!!!

We've been trying to work out the best things to feed our dogs to avoid these illnesses, because it seems to happen to more and more dogs.
There is so much info out there that it's totally confusing.

We're going to do our own small bit to get good information on here.................
...............and we'll keep you posted (literally!) about Abby.

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