Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Anyone that has followed this blog will be aware of Keeber, the GSD, who contracted CDRM (‘that bastard disease’ that affects this particular breed).

As her disease progressed, desperate times led to desperate measures. We bought a book entitled ‘Crystal Healing for Animals’ by Martin J Scott and Gael Mariani, not least because, included therein, was a case study of a GSD with CDRM stating what crystals were used to help, and the outcome of the case (no actual cure but assistance in the slowing down of the progression of the disease).

We set about buying the requisite crystals amid a great deal of scepticism but, by this point, we were ‘beyond help’ from conventional medicine (and, dare I say it, homeopathic medicine too, tho’ we continued to give her homeopathics that were kindly made up for us). The contents of the book were devoured voraciously as time was of the essence. In through the letterbox came clear quartz, Herkimer diamond, smokey quartz, cornelian and rhodolite garnet. These were then arranged at the recommended chakra points, below her bed. We would love to say that we were waiting with some enthusiasm for some sort of ‘magic’ results but in truth we didn’t think that anything would come of it! At this point she was still mobile to a limited degree. Next morning……. The wee soul had actually lost the power of her legs – panic phone call to our homeopathic lady who said ‘you just left them under her bed for a couple of hours, didn’t you?’ – er, no, all night we replied – well ‘you have totally zapped her, but don’t worry, the power will come back in a day or two – and she was right!

At this point it must be said that we can’t honestly say that the ‘power of the crystals’ slowed down the progression of the disease (maybe it did!) BUT, SOMETHING happened that night. There was definitely a release of ENERGY, even though the reasoning behind this force was ‘way beyond our ken’!!

Fast forward a few years – Cairid – yes, you know him from the blog too.

The one with ‘attitude’ that we have been trying to introduce to other dogs over a few years with varying degrees of success. We have had a fair degree of success when we look back to how he WAS to where he is today but he is, in truth, unpredictable! Also, we told you about our fostering experience, and how having another male dog in the house has affected Cairid. Once our foster dog went home, the effect on Cairid was most apparent, or perhaps we just had more time to focus on it. From being mostly calm on walks and with lunges at other dogs reduced to a minimum, he reverted back to reacting to every dog, and the cycle of stress began again – he gets stressed, we get stressed, causing him to get more stressed and so on. We needed to try something new. New for Cairid that is….. and so back to the book…..

We bought a whole batch of new, different crystals and also installed a ‘new approach’. This time it was going to be in the form of an elixir. We ‘energised’ the crystals in the sun, placed each one in a separate receptacle of spring water – basically did everything ‘by the book’! We made up dispensing bottles with this elixir and added it to his food, eight drops at a time (another ‘magic’ ingredient in the mix is brandy!!!!!). We have been giving him these drops for around three months now and there has been a MARKED improvement in his attitude towards other dogs. (We might add that when we got this latest bunch of crystals, we left them on the dining room table overnight, in the room where Abby sleeps, and noticed a change in HER the following day too – back to the ‘keeber syndrome’ – poor legs!!).

There are forces in this world that we only have scant knowledge of and WE firmly believe in ENERGY (some people call it God, but that might seem blasphemous, tho’ it is not intended in this way). We do not see the crystal healing as a panacea but remain convinced that it HAS beneficial qualities and, worst case scenario is that it does NO harm whatsoever to the animal that it is administered to.

So – search out the book – leave your preconceptions at the door – and see what you think. It could very well be that, because YOU believe there is something to all this, that you give off positive vibes to your dog/cat/rabbit etc. If that is all it is then there is still some good coming their way, no?!?

Of course, the reverse side of the coin is that this whole theory could be a big pile of bollocks and there is nothing to it. BUT, you’ll never know unless you go there………..

Any stories for or against this subject and we would be very interested to hear from you.